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Medical and dystocia assistance, pregnancy diagnosis, management consultation, regulatory work and product maximization for your cattle herd.

Sick or Injured Animals

At Enterprise Animal Hospital we recognize that ranchers care for the wellbeing of their animals but also need to make economic decisions about their livestock. Our experienced veterinarians can help diagnose and treat sick animals as well as discuss the economic realities of raising cattle at today’s prices. Let our team help treat your sick and injured animals with a constant thought toward the economic realities of the cattle business.

Highland Cattle

Calving Assistance

Enterprise Animal Hospital veterinarians are standing by 24/7 to assist if you have a dystocia. We are ready for the tough pulls as well as a c-section if needed. Please don’t wait to call if your cow is having trouble birthing. The quicker you contact us the faster we can get there in the hopes of giving you both a live cow and a live calf.


Enterprise Animal Hospital is here to assist you with vaccine purchases and vaccination planning. We are committed to offering the best prices we can on cattle vaccines through our partner Zoetis Animal Health. Call or come in today to discuss what your unique herd needs to help you achieve the best health outcomes and pregnancy rate for your cows as well as the highest price for the calves you sell. Our veterinarians are excited to discuss what vaccine protocols are best for your unique situation.

Cow Portrait

Pregnancy Diagnosis

Gone are the days of arming every cow to determine if they have a calf coming. Enterprise Animal Hospital uses ultrasound and the experience of checking tens of thousands of cows for pregnancy to accurately and quickly diagnose the status of your cows. Knowing who will calve in the spring and when can help you not only prepare but make decisions on which cows to keep. Don’t wait until spring to find your open animals. Let us inform you early so the only cows you feed through the winter will make you money in the spring.

Brucellosis (Bangs) Vaccination

While the law in Oregon has changed recently there are still many reasons you may need your heifers vaccinated against brucellosis. The law change in Oregon has no effect on requirements for shipping animals out of state. If there is a possibility your heifer may need brucellosis vaccination at any point during their life you can save time and money by ensuring they are vaccinated before 1 year of age. Enterprise Animal Hospital veterinarians are happy to assist in the vaccination process as well as help you decide if vaccination is right for part or all of your herd.

Cow Eye
Child Feeding Calf

Health Certificates and Regulatory Work

All the veterinarians at Enterprise Animal Hospital are USDA accredited to work on large and food producing animals. When shipping across state lines, call us early to schedule your required health inspections so we can make sure any additional testing is completed in time for your animals to cross state lines. Common work that requires a USDA accredited veterinarian includes brucellosis vaccination and testing, health certificates, tuberculosis testing and trichomoniasis testing. We can assist with these activities and any others that need an accredited veterinarian.

Herd Health Consultation

The vets at Enterprise Animal Hospitals are here to assist you in optimizing your revenue from your cattle operation. Many factors go into having a successful cattle herd and the answers are not one size fits all. Let us work on a plan with you to maximize profit in your unique situation.

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